Old Forge to Pulaski 80 miles


My bike was put on the disable list, so I borrowed Ron Pinkerton’s bike.  Ron hurt his knee a few days earlier so he gave me permission to ride his bike.  That was very generous.

Rion has been working with me to find a way to repair my bike.  When Rion checked with the local bike shop  in Fulton New York he found that none of them carried the Shimano 105 shifter lever so I talked to Eric and Urban Bicycle Gallery in Houston to see what he could do to  help. I told him I had already discussed the situation with Jon.  Between discussions with Eric, Rion and myself, Eric had the needed part removed from another Salsa bike he had in stock and took it to FedEx so the part could be shipped to a bike shop in Rochester for a next day  arrival.  What made this difficult is  Eric and his crew only had 30 minutes to get the part removed and to the Fedex office last night.  What a good team Urban Bicycle Gallery has and their  great commitment to customer service.  I am proud to have them as my bike shop!

Today we had a great breakfast today at Walt’s dinner.  Two of our riders choose two pancakes that each pancake covered the whole plate.  Each one of the pancakes were larger than the one I had a few days earlier.

The day started out dry and I had to get used to riding a new bike.  Ron has a nice bike but all bikes are a little different and I had to work with Ron to adjust even the seat so I could ride comfortably. Even at the first rest stop of the day, Ron and I spent time adjusting the seat.

We got to Pulaski by midafternoon.  We are staying at the St. James Episcopal Church.  The first thing we did was get out our wet tents and laid them out to dry.  I also had to hand wash my dirty Texas bike jersey because I will need it tomorrow.  The jersey was not dry before I went to bed so I put it on a hanger in the kitchen which was warmer so it could finish drying.

A big group of around 12 riders went out to eat dinner together.  It is great to get to know more about the people you are riding with.

I didn’t have any trouble getting to sleep.

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