Sodus Point to Spencerport 65 miles (maybe)


This morning our group leaders made us breakfast of pancakes and fruit.  It was much appreciated and for me it saved me since this was bike repair day.

I stayed in camp and helped the leaders cleanup camp after everyone else had taken off because the lead van is going to take me to the bike repair shop in Rochester.  We followed the exact route  until it came time to take me to the bike shop.

We got to the shop, Tryon Bike , a little after 10:00a.m. and after a quick review and helping a couple of other customers that were already there, they jumped on my repair.

While they worked on my bike they set me up in their break room and gave me access to their internet.  I got caught up on all my past days posts which was great.  I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to not have internet service of even phone service.

Everyone at Tryon Bike made me feel welcome and they were extremely professional.  They have a well stocked store and had a lot of Saturday morning traffic.  They were working with all types of bike rides, young children, bike racers to weekend warriors.  They handle each of us with the same state of interest.

If you are ever in need of bike support and you are in Rochester New York visit this shop.


Once the repair was complete they gave me clear instruction on how to get to the Erie Canal.

Determining which trail to take once in the park was a challenge.  I asked three different people which trail to take to get to Spencerport and I received 2 different answer and one that turned out to be correct.  By that time some of my team members came along and all was good.

Riding along the Eric Canal was fun and historic.  Here is a picture of one of the locks along the channel.


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