Rest day??


Then why did I  wake up at 5:30 a.m.  Once you get in a habit it is hard to break for just one day.  I did one load of my laundry last night.   It consisted of all by biking gear, that way if I didn’t get around to the second load I would ride in comfort.  I didn’t want to hog the one and only machine the Hostel had.

But since I got up early I did my second and last load of clothes before anyone else that wanted to do laundry got up.  What a relief.

Ed and I went out to find breakfast.  We walked down the street and came to a decision point.   Go right or go left.  As Yogi used to say, when you come to a fork in the road take it.

We chose left.  We walked down about 8 blocks when we found a security guard at a school.  He instructed us that there was a great place back down the way we came which just happened to be 8 ½ blocks back.  So much for taking the correct turn.

But great food was found at the West Side Café Market. We will be going back tomorrow morning before our ride.

At 8:45 our team met up to go do our service project.  Our project was at the Westpark Neurology & Rehabilitation Care Center.   Of the patients there a number have MS.


Our tasks we to clean the flower beds and plant new flowers so the patient have a pleasant place to sit and relax.  On of the ladies with MS stayed with us while we worked  so we had her as our adopted boss.  She is a lovely lady bound to an electric wheel chair, but has love for life.

Once finished we had lunch which again was provided by Chick-fil-a for the second time.  They provided us dinner last night.  The owner had ridden with BiketheUSforMS before and since then he has made it a point to feed future riders to Cleveland.

When we got back, Ed and I went exploring a bike store.  This one did not sell the latest and greatest bike but rather they refurbished old bikes.  I heard the owner quote a price of $75 for one of the old bikes. It looked to be in fairly good order.  One thing that impressed me was the number of old Schwinn bikes.


Then we past our home and went to another bike shop that sold only new bikes.  Us bike riders will never tire of looking at bikes.

I have packed most of my gear in the trailer so I will have an easy time in the morning.

Good night rest and the start of a 14 day ride to Minneapolis MN.

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