Cleveland to Huron 51 miles


We started with another great breakfast at the West Side Market Café where I had corn beef hash and two eggs.


Cleveland is an interesting city.  The area we stayed had a lot of things to see.  One was the West Side Market which is where the Café got it’s name.  The West Side Market is Cleveland’s oldest market which has 100 vendors and it has a great sky line from our vantage point on top of our Hostel.


We once again, we road out of town as a large group.  This is a great way to exit a city.

The weather forecast was rain at 1:00 p.m. so we all had the same idea.  Leave early to miss the rain.  But just like all weather forecasts they were wrong again.  Within about an hour of our leaving the rain began and continued until we arrived at our first and only rest stop of the day in Lorain.  Just as we came into Lorain the rain subsided, but what was  interesting was we stopped at Lauren’s great grandmother’s  Riskoa Bar.  It was nice to be able to make a personal tie to one our team.

Our rest stop was at Subway Sandwiches, where most everyone got something to eat and warmed up.

Once finished we had to cross a drawbridge which turned out to be a little scary.  Since the rain started again and the bridge had an open grated surface we had to be very careful because if you pedaled hard your back tire tried to get in front of your front tire.  We all made it safely but more than one of us, me included, took a deep breath.

The rain continued until just outside of Huron.  The scenery was very nice since we rode along the banks of Lake Erie but it was hard to enjoy.

Our camp for the night is in the gym of the St. Peter’s Church School.  Since we finished early today a lot of us took advantage of gym and took naps and stayed dry.

We had a Mandatory Attendance meeting at 4:30.  This meeting was for my friend Ed.  Today is his 62 birthday.


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