Huron to Bowling Green 73 miles


I got up at 5:30 a.m. and got packed up.  Since we slept in the gym I had put most of things together so it was easy to pack up.  I had some extra time so I cleaned and lubricated my chain.  With all the rain we have ridden through the chain need some special attention.

A group of about 6 of us went back on up the route about 0.6 of a mile for breakfast.  It was the only full service café close to the gym.  It was definitely worth the  little extra mileage.

The morning started out nice but in the first 2 miles the rain began again and it basically continued until we got to rest stop 1.  We hit a bike trail just before rest stop 1 and the trail continued for 8.5 miles after rest stop 2.  That is nice since you don’t have to worry about traffic except where we crossed a road.  The trail ended at Fremont Ohio.  An interesting fact about Fremont is this is the home of Rutherford B. Hayes.  This is also the home of his presidential library, museum and home.

Before getting to rest stop 2 we ran into a charity ride that was going in the opposite direction.  This confused some of the riders.  When we got to Gibsonburg, the site or our second rest stop, there were bike riders going in all directions.  The riders ranged from young children to elderly adults.

We rode on the outskirts of Bowling Green to get to our camp site for the night. After a rather difficult day on the bike we were surprised by a young couple had prepared our dinner and will also be preparing our breakfast tomorrow morning.

We couldn’t ask for anything better.  They have been doing this for the BiketheUSforMS for 13  years.  What a blessing. They made everyone feel right at home and have such loving souls.

I would like to introduce you to Stimmel’s Market, which is ran be Mathew and Michelle.   As I have said many times we meet the greatest people and these are the crème of the crop.

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