Bowling Green to Monroeville, IN 95 Miles


Although it didn’t rain last night the tents were soaked so we had to put them up wet.  Once everything was put away and bike readied for the ride we had breakfast which was prepared by Matt.  What really made it special was he went to work at 11 p.m. last night, worked all night and then came back to fix our breakfast.  He was amazing.

We rode about 2 miles to get back on route. The day was long so we tried to conserve our energy as much as possible.    The first point on interest on the today’s ride was another city called “TEXAS” .  This Texas didn’t have many people and along the highway there weren’t any businesses.  They must have children because they sign said to watch out for them or maybe they were talking about us OLD children.


The ride was fairly easy with some tail winds but 95 miles is still a long way to ride.

We also had another state crossing.  Today we entered into Indiana by riding 4 miles along the state line road.  There weren’t any signs at this point so we had to wait until we crossed US Highway 30.  Highway 30 is a very busy highway and we had to walk down the highway a couple of hundred yards to the sign.  We couldn’t miss it.  After we left I remembered I had not taken off my rain coat but I wasn’t about to ride back a couple of miles to take it again.


We continued into Monroeville where we immediately stop for dinner.  After dinner the local newspaper wanted a picture of us but before the big picture I had a personal picture taken.


Here is most of the group.


Then we arrived at Monroeville Community Park. It has a place for bike riders only and a lot of room for everyone along with a shower and laundry machines.

I took this opportunity to dry my wet tent.



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