Henry to Orion 75 miles


When we woke up, in the city park of Henry, we were surprised at how DRY our tents were.  They have never been this dry on this ride before.  There would not be any need to setup our tents tonight to dry.

We started the day in the same café that we ended yesterday.  Rio Vista Grill.  I had a Denver Omelet because I was thinking of Kye and omelets she makes for me when I am home.  The café normally does not open until 8:00 a.m. but they made a special exception for us and opened at 7:00 a.m.  Amy the server had the coffee ready and made everyone feel special.

There was another customer by the name of Dave.  He made all of our days and picked up all our charges.  He just wanted to show he supported what we were doing.  He made us all feel humbled by his gesture. There are so many gracious people in this world.

We had three rest stops and two were just on the side of the road because there wasn’t  any towns located in places were we needed rest stops.

The ride was scheduled for 69 miles but we put in 75 because we missed a couple of corners.  Since we had GPS we found our errors fairly quick.

The day was fairly easy because of  a strong tail wind.  We could really feel it when our route changed to the north or south directions.

Tonight we are staying at the Orion United Methodist Church.  They have a very nice facility and they   provided us a great and very filling dinner.  We will clear the church before services start tomorrow.

We are now faced with 5 rides that run between 71 to 92 miles.  We will need all our energy for this pull.

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