Iroquois to Odell 62 Miles


Today most of us went across the street for breakfast.  It was your normal small town restaurant/bar with great food.  Ed and I were one of the last to leave and one of the local gentlemen came out as we were about to begin.  He told us not to go the way our maps showed because of some construction on part of the section.  He showed us another route that didn’t reduce our mileage but it did avoid the gravel construction area.  We thanked him and took off.

The day was wet with a strong head and side wind most of the day.  Kye  even commented on how slow were going since she can track me on “Find Friends”

When we got to our last rest stop in Kempton, Ed saw a café across the street for our rest stop.  We told our support people to go on since we and one other rider were the last of the group.  We had a great lunch.  I got one of my favorite soups (chicken noodle) as part of the meal.  The total meal can be seen on the attached pictures.

I had been looking of Natural Gas Pipeline Markers ever since we got into Illinois and shortly before Odell I found some.

Now it is up to Henry Schiro to get some ROW work done.  On one side of the road the markers are clearly seen, but on the other the weeds seem to hide them.  It up to you Henry.

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