Odell to Henry 55 miles


The café Odell opened at 6:00 a.m. so we got there around 6:15 a.m. We have a short day for a change and we wanted to get to Henry by noon.    We need the afternoon to catch up on a few things like laundry.   I don’t have any riding clothes clean and very little camp clothes left.  It reminds me of the old Johnnie Cash song that says looked for my cleanest dirty shirt.

While leaving town I shot this view of 3 of our riders.


Not only was it a short day but we had a nice tail wind. On some sections we averaged almost 17 mph. for a 5 mile section. We didn’t spend much time at rest stops except in Wenona where the mayor and his wife wanted some pictures with us.  They were trying to encourage riders to stop and take advantage of their facilities.  It sounds like they have a lot to offer.  There are a lot of tour riders separate and apart from the BiketheUSforMS and the small towns are competing for our visits.

When we got to camp we hurried to get our tents setup because the locals had told us  a storm would be here within an hour.

With tents setup our whole team went to the one and only Laundry in town.  They had a lot of machines so it worked out well for everyone.  The only bad thing is the change machine would not give change for a dollar.  You had to use a $5 or $10 to get change.  By working together everyone was able to come up with the correct number of quarters.

After laundry was finished a strong rain and wind storm blew in so while walking back to camp we stopped at the Dairy Queen for lunch/dinner.

Later we went out for our second dinner at the Rio Vista Grill and after they have closed they let us sit on their patio and use their internet.  Great and friendly people.  This café is right after you cross the Illinois River bridge.


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