Brownsville to Wabasha 72 Miles


Breakfast today was at the local service station.  We had breakfast sandwiches, sweet rolls and bananas.  The cashier is a bike riders also but not a mega mile rider.  She we understanding of our need for food.  One interesting thing at the store, which made it clear we were in a small to town, was the sign that said “We Accept Local Checks Only”


We road adjacent to the Mississippi river which gave us another great photo opt.


When we took off Ed really took off.  We got ahead of the first rest stop van so we helped set up the station and then left.  We were joined by Melissa just before the first rest stop also.

This was the only rest stop van we saw for the day.  We stayed ahead of all the vans.  We made two short stops, one at Walgreens for sunblock and a restroom break and another stop and at a convenience store to get quick refreshments.  One rider beat us to Wabasha because he took off over and hour before we did.

Once arriving at church in Wabasha we took showers at the local swimming pool which was really close to the church.  This was a great shower unlike the 2 previous swimming pool showers.  This one had hot water and great shower heads.

Then we went downtown to do our laundry.  I went to the local optometrist to get my glasses straightened.  I had bent them over 2 weeks ago but this was my first opportunity to get them fixed.  All the work was done for free.

Now the best of all, I have the opportunity to catch up on my blog.  I appreciate your patience and understanding these last 4 days.  The rides were long and tiring, but the biggest frustration was the lack of internet and phone service.

2 thoughts on “Brownsville to Wabasha 72 Miles

  1. Charlie Philipp June 27, 2019 / 7:56 pm

    You are a true trooper. You are in good company. Prayers for safe travel, warm bed, nourishing food.


    • dth2017 June 30, 2019 / 6:12 am

      Thanks for all the encouragement and especially for all the prayers.


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