Oxford Junction IA. To Elkader 93 miles

6/24/19  Another long day 93 Miles plus.

It started out with a breakfast sandwich in the local convenience store.  The owner fixed the breakfast  sandwiches which were good but not all that filling so I had a honey bun also.

We started out the day somewhere at the lead of the pack.  The roads had some minor climbs but the men in the convenience store warned us about some climbs starting about Cascade.  They were right but the climbs were not in the top 10 of the most difficult I have ridden.  They did make the ride more interesting.

One area that I had always wanted to see was the “Field Of Dreams”.  This has always been in my top ten movies about baseball.  We stopped at the field and explored.  There were a fair number of other tourist there also.  Here are some of the picture I took.

We were the last one at rest stop #2 in Dyersville since we spent a lot of time at the field.

By the time we reached rest stop #3 everyone had already left this stop so we just kept on riding.  The weather looked like it could rain at any time and the wind seemed to be in our faces most of the rest of the day.

We made it into Elkader without getting wet but we found out a lot of our team wasn’t so lucky.  One of the most annoying part of the day was the little black gnats.  If the wind went down they would attack us and even get into our mouths so in some ways we wanted the wind.

When we arrived at the church we found food had already arrived so we helped ourselves to a great meal to refresh ourselves.  I am going to make this an early night since 2 – 90 plus mile days are taking their toll.

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