Wabasha To Prescott Wisconsin 69 Miles


We started out looking for the route and stumbled into a café for breakfast.  It was a family owned café with a lot of locals dining there.

While waiting for our food we questioned the owner about the highway construction in the area.  The road we were going to take was highway 60.  He assured us that we could bike this highway.

After we finished our meal we began to find our way to highway 60.  Upon reaching it we began to climb the road which was grooved and rough.  After climbing a little over a mile we stopped and Ed sent out a message questioning the decision to take this road.  He got a response that told us to continue on. After about an another mile Ed received a message to abandoned this road. It was much more difficult than first though. So back down the grooved and rough road, hanging on for dear life and riding the breaks.

At the bottom we were directed to take highway 61.  It was much better than highway 60 but there were areas that were under construction.  Because of the reroute all the rest areas were moved.  The route went from 54 miles to 69 miles.

After rest stop 1 we started to climb, and the clouds darkened about 5 miles outside of Red Wing Minnesota. Yes the one and only place where they manufacture Red Wing shoes and boots.  We were headed to the bridge which would take us to Wisconsin.

To prove the point that we were getting wet we took pictures of the Welcome to Wisconsin Sign.


At this point Ed and I went different routes.  Ed was scheduled to meet some of the people at the Purina Plant in Hager City Wisconsin.  I went on with some of our team members.

I was able to get in early so I took a shower, rinsed some of the rain soaked clothes and put them out to dry.  We actually saw the sun a bit later in the afternoon.


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