Rest Day


This is a true rest day.  No service project, no riding just laundry, clean the bike and reorganize gear.

We started out with breakfast at “The original pancake house” in Minneapolis MN.  We got there about 7:30 a.m. before the crowd arrived.

They had a numerous selection which was all good and filling.  Before we left there was a waiting line just about out the door.  We traveled both ways via Uber.  It is becoming the travel mode of choice.

Once back the first order of business was laundry.  I had enough to completely fill the  washer.  I was the only one at the time to be doing any laundry which was a huge change from yesterday.  It is great to get everything clean and repacked.

By the time the laundry was complete it was time to eat again.  Our stomachs really rule on rest days.

Then it was bike tender loving care time.  With all the rain we have been riding in, our bikes were caked with mud and gravel.  Once that was removed, we lubricated our chains and derailleurs.

Tomorrow we get back on the bikes.  It is time to go.


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