Royalton to Osakis 55 miles


We had breakfast at camp which was provided by the lovely ladies last night. This was great because the first chance for breakfast was 21 miles down stream at Albany.

Today was a very enjoyable ride because most of the ride was on bike paths.

This made for a very relaxing day.  One thing that kept us on our toes was red squirrels that kept crossing the road in front of us and sometimes between us.

We also had to stop one time to move a tree that had fallen across the path.  This helped all the other riders since we were the first to pass the fallen tree. We pulled and broke it up until it made the path safe for all.

We got into Osakis around noon so we got to take nice warm showers in the high school.


Then we found a sports bar that had a great lunch.

For dinner a biker alumni brought us dinner.

This was also a mail drop day, so fun was had by all as we opened our treasures.  It was a lot of fun.

Kye sent me temporary  Fourth of July tattoos which I shared with everyone that doesn’t already have a permanent tattoo.  It was a big hit.

She also sent me some items to decorate my bike for the day.


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