Kathryn to Napoleon 100 miles


We had saved 4 pieces of pizza from last night so we would have something for our quick breakfast.  This would help us make it 8 miles to a café/gas station close to the town of Marion.

Our next stop was Gackle.


According to our map there was a café, but when we got there the only thing open was the COOP service station.  It  had some snack things and sandwiches which we devoured.

While we were eating a father and his 12 year old daughter came into town.  They were going to spend the night somewhere in Gackle.  I don’t know how far they had ridden today.


The wind was a cross wind from the South Southeast at 15 MPH for most of the day but we had to turn directly into the wind for 8 miles.  We kept looking for the highway to turn back to the west.  We were very happy.

Once we made it to Napoleon we were short of the 100 miles for about a mile so we rode around town until we achieved the 100 miles.

The town had a community swimming pool that had a great shower and they also had a café with a wide selection of food.  When we were just about finished I got a cramp in my thigh and server came by so I asked her to some dill pickle juice.  She knew immediately why I needed the pickle juice. When I started to explain my request she said “your have a muscle cramp right now.”  What a relief.

We slept in the city park, in our tents.  When I got up during the night I looked up at the water tower and saw it was lit up with red, white and blue colors.  Very impressive.

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