Napoleon to Bismarck 75 miles


We started our day off by getting breakfast in the same café that we had dinner last night.  They didn’t open until 7:00 but it didn’t keep me from getting up at 5:00 a.m.

The breakfast was not one of our better ones but it helped us get started.

About 15 miles into the ride I received a phone call and text message.  It was from the company I used to work for.  It said to call when I got a break from the ride.  So at the first rest area I called in to find out they still had me registered as an active employee so when they ran the DOT drug testing list my name came up.  My manager told the manager of safety that I was tied up riding my bike across the US so I got off the hook.  What a message to receive when I thought I was retired.

Once again my Garmin worked like a champ.  I think I could get used to it.  I’ll continue to carry my map just out of habit.

Today was self-supported rider day.  The first couple we met were from Switzerland.  They were headed for Napoleon and were loaded fairly heavily.


We stopped and talked for about 20 minutes.  They were a young couple but appeared to be strong riders.

Later in the day we ran across another set of 4 riders but this time I and another friend did not stop to talked because we wanted to get in before the forecasted rain hit.

One of our riders, Rich, had to stop riding because his back wheel was damaged beyond repair.  When he got in, by riding in the van, he went to the Bike Shop and got a new wheel.  He’ll be able to ride one more day with us before leaving us for the year.

When we were getting close to Bismarck a car pulled up beside me and told me he saw our news broadcast.  He also wanted to thank us because his sister has MS.

Here’s a link to the news broadcast: Click here

Bismarck is a rest day city.  We are staying with a family, Jack and Nettie, that supports the BiketheUSforMS.  Nettie has MS and they open their home and their hearts.

We were really lucky to get in when we did because late afternoon a storm hit.  There was heavy lightning and rain.  It would have been dangerous to be out there riding.

Tomorrow we have a service project planned, weather permitting.

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