Glendive to Wolf Point 101 Miles


We got up early because of the long ride ahead of us.  We were on the road around 6:00 a.m. but stopped for breakfast at a truck stop that was on route.  They served up a hearty breakfast which is just what we needed for this ride.  4 of us stopped together.

A gentleman at the café offer to pay for our breakfast since his sister has MS and he wanted to thank us for what we were doing.  We suggested he just give us a donation to the MS cause.  After he paid for his own breakfast he went to the ATM and returned with $100.  We were taken back since this was more than double of what the breakfast would have cost.

Once on the road the grind began.  We had 3 rest stops today which were spaced between 26 to 39 miles.  This is one of those days when you ride from rest stop to rest stop and just think it is just another training run and not considering the total distance, for the most part.

This was hard after rest stop 2 because there were highway signs that told us Wolf Point was 53 miles away and at the start of this highway we were starting at mile marker zero.  So every mile marker you knew exactly how many more miles you had left.

Our last rest stop was in the very small town Vida.  The temperature was rising and the road had a lot of rolling hills.  Up on hill going to smaller gears and spinning to the top then to high gears to take advantage of gravity.

The small store was painted purple and they did not have much food to choose from but they did have the one thing I needed the most and that was dill pickles. I bought a jar and drank all the dill pickle juice and about a half dozen dill pickle slices.

The owner also told us the local church was open for us so we could us the restroom.  This was an added surprise.

After leaving Vida we had 28 miles left.  It was a long 28 miles but everyone made it to Wolf Point.

Wolf Point is in a Indian Reservation so we were told not to leave our bikes unattended.  That meant after getting to the  Church of Christ we walk everywhere we went so our bikes were secure in the back yard.  The picture makes it look like the church is leaning but that is just bad camera work on my part.


Wolf Point was having a rodeo tonight.  A lot of the team went but came back early because a strong rain storm hit the city.  A lot of the team got wet but it sure help cool down the church so sleeping was better.

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