Glasgow to Malta 71 Miles


We started our day by taking our laundry back to the church and putting everything back in the trailer.  A place for everything and everything in its place.  Even if it means forcing into the cubby.

We stopped at our first McDonalds is a long time.  It was close to the church and right on route.  A number of our team had the same idea.

As we were leaving Glasgow we spotted a number of dinosaur sculptures on the hills along the route.

We had a treat at our first rest stop in Hinsdale. Sweet Memories welcomed us to some homemade sweets.  Normally they are not open on Monday’s but since we were coming thru town they made an exception.  What made it even more special is the owner of the establishment was out of town and she left you two young employees to run everything.  It was very nice.

Later that morning we had a long climb and I got ahead of Ed so I stopped to check out a survey witness post.  As you can see someone else took exception to the sign.  As it turned out one of the reasons I was ahead to Ed was that he had a flat on his back tire this time.  Some of our riders came along and told me of Ed’s problem.  I went back about ½ mile and Ed was about finished.


We stopped early for rest stop #2 at Saco.  We had heard we needed to check out Pipi’s Diner so we did.  We enjoyed a meal and took in some of the sites at the same time.

But the real excitement was about to come.  Ed and his second flat of the day on his back tire.  What made this tire change unusual was the road didn’t have a shoulder so he was forced to go down into a bar ditch to change the flat.  Then it went from bad to worse.  We were attacked by mosquitos and not by just a few but hundreds and maybe a thousand.  Ed had brought insect repellant and try to spray Ed down but he was immediately cover with them.  On one part of his back I estimated there were 30 to 40 biting him at one time not to mention his legs and arm and right thru his clothes.  I have never seen anything like it.  I got bit also but I could swat and brush them off as well as put on repellant.  Ed had to focus on getting the flat fixed.

We got to the church we were to stay for the night. We went down to the Conoco truck stop for a shower and dinner before trying to sleep with all the mosquitos bites.

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