Chester to Cut Bank 66 Miles


Since we are not riding today everyone took this opportunity to sleep in, well most of them did.  Some of us just can’t seem to pull that off.

This did give us time to take things like water bottles and rear bags off our bike so they wouldn’t blow off when going down the rode on top of the vans.  We also had a nice leisurely breakfast at the Spuds House Cafe.  The place was overrun by bikers.  There was only one lady and she cooked, took orders, and was the cashier.  She was amazing!  There were also a couple of locals there.

Then back to the church to start loading the bikes and gear.


We were on the road by 9:30.

As we drove the wind kept getting stronger and stronger and the wind was directly in our face.  By the time we got to, what would have been, the first rest stop the wind was over 30 mph with gust over 50 mph.  The construction area was only a dirt trail.  There were lots of areas where there wasn’t any shoulder and there were a lot of trucks on the road.  This would have been a dangerous ride.

Decision confirmed and everyone was in agreement by the time we made it to Cut Bank.

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