Cut Bank to St Mary 68 Miles


Left camp and stopped at McDonalds before 6:00 a.m.  Had to wait for them to open.

We started climbing almost immediately after leaving McDonalds which was good since the temperature was 43 degrees and this helped us warm up.

About half way to the first rest area one of riders spotted these Antilope.  You can see from the  photo that their tails can be spotted from  a great distance.


Our first rest stop had some historical significance in that near here was the furthest northly point reach by Lewis and Clark in 1806.  This actual point can be seen on the horizon.

This rest stop was just on the side of the road so the food I bought at the grocery store last night came in handy.

Further down the road we came upon a sign that confirmed what we had already known.  “Cross Winds”


At our last rest stop for the day we had our best breakfast. It was the second one of the day and it was at a bed and breakfast. The servings were very large  and well  prepared and for those that drank coffee it was never ending.  We spent a lot of time there resting and watching the weather.  It rained off and on during our time there.

When we did take off, we were still concerned about the rain but we were able to dodge it.

Later down the road we ran into road construction that would continue for some 5 miles.  We didn’t have to ride it since they loaded us and our bikes in the back of a pickup and took us to the other end of it.  This was great because we would have been out there forever.

Once we were back on our bikes we had a lot of downhill, but we still had to suffer through some uphill also.

At St. Mary we entered into the Glacier National Park which was home for the nigh.


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