St Mary to Apgar Park 58 Miles


We had to ride just outside Glacier National Park to get some breakfast at a restaurant.  Then we headed back in the park for most of today’s ride.  Before leaving the restaurant area I had to fix a flat tire. We took our time today since it was a short day and we decided to take a lot of pictures.  A couple of the early pictures were of a moose that crossed the road right in front of us then went back across the road and into the trees.

There were a lot of tourist that did not ride bikes but still got some open air views of the park.


This was a long climb but it was not one of the harder one I have  done.  The sights were breath taking, that is if we had any breath left to take.  Here are just a few of the sights.

The summit, Logan Pass, was not one of the highest I have ridden but it was still a Continental Divide point and noteworthy.


As you can guess from that point we had a lot of downhill riding.  For miles we were able to coast and keep up with the vehicles in front of us.  A lot of times we were riding our breaks so we wouldn’t over run the vehicles in front.

Our second and last Rest Stop was at Lake McDonald.  At this point we were not allowed on the road until after 4 p.m. due to heavy vehicle traffic.  Even after 4 p.m. we had to watch to make sure we were not holding up traffic.  This meant when we saw that 4 or more cars were backing up behind us we had to pull off the road to let the cars go by.  This happened numerous times in the last 8 miles to our camp for the night.

We had a nice camp site but had to walk over half a mile to get a shower. We also had to ride about a mile to find a café for dinner, but it’s all in a day’s ride.

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