White Fish 0 Miles Rest Day


This is a unique rest day.  Since we got in early yesterday and we finished a lot of our chores.  We also don’t have a service project at this location.

So we slept in and the people of the church fixed us a great breakfast.  They made us eggs, sausage, toast and an assortment of fruit.  I tried to help them with the preparation but I realized they had a system and I was just in the way.

So when cleanup came, I volunteered again and they let me wash the dishes.  I had a great time and it gave me a chance to really talk to the church members.  I was told the church was built 20 years ago and for 20 years old it is in really great shape.  We were told that they would be supporting another group of bike riders that are riding for cancer.  The church is trying to increase their outreach program which is a testament to their love of others.

After breakfast we ventured out to explore the bike shops of White Fish.  They have two of them but neither one of them had the bike tire I was looking for.  This wasn’t a necessity but it would have been nice since I am going to put the extra one on my bike today.   I am worried about the one that got a flat from the staple a couple days ago.

One of the stores is a cycle and ski shop and it also sells espressos.  I got some Cliffs’ Blocks Energy Chews which really give me an boast on a long hard ride.

The other one had the Endurolytes Caps that I use for cramp prevention.  There has been some talk that we could be riding into so hot weather so I may not have had enough to complete the ride.  I also splurged and bought a new bicycle cap which advertises for the bike shop but it will be unique when I get back to Houston.

We then went to the Amtrak Depot to look around.  We picked up the train time table which are not printed anymore because they want everyone to go online, but you know old dogs and new tricks.


The lady at the depot recommended a restaurant in the area so we just had to stop.

Once back to the church I took a nap, replaced my back tire, lubricated my chain, washed my bike and dried my tent.

Oh yeah I took another nap.

Back on the road again, tomorrow

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