White Fish to Eureka 64 Miles 


Back on the road again.  Went one mile off route to get to McDonalds for breakfast in White Fish.  The morning started off cool but the day ended hot (over 90) in Eureka with the humidity around 35%.

As we got ready to leave the church this morning we were greeted at the exit by this buck.

He didn’t seemed to be too worried about us until we started to take off then he and two other deer gently hooped over a fence and unto an adjoining pasture.

After breakfast we started the journey on highway 93 with a fair amount of traffic.  We rode for 3 to5 miles before getting on a country road with little to no traffic.  This was very enjoyable but it couldn’t last.

We were then back on highway 93 for the remainder of the day.  Highway 93 has very little shoulder so it made it hard to ride.  There was quite a bit of truck traffic and some of these trucks only move over a little if any at times.  This is always a challenge.

At our first rest stop, this was a major part of the discussion, but we rode on.

We came to a convenience store where we stopped for refreshments.  When sitting at a picnic table I spotted a man-made eagle’s nest.  I couldn’t see the chicks clear enough to count them but I could definitely hear them.

From then on we stayed on highway 93 into Eureka.  That wasn’t supposed to have been the route but we missed a turn and it was too late to go back so we just stayed on highway 93.  This cut off a few miles but it helped get us in before the worst of the heat hit.

After showers we went to lunch at the Valley Pizza where we had a Pickle Pizza.  It was a lot better than I expected.  As the sign says “don’t knock it till you try it”


Now back to the school for some rest before our 74 mile day tomorrow.


What is it about the town named Eureka.  It looks like a storm is blowing in just like it did in Kansas on the TransAm ride in 2017.

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