Eureka to Libby 75 Miles 


Breakfast was of the convenience station variety, breakfast sandwiches.  I bought 2 for eating now and 2 for rest stop food.  I knew I didn’t have much in my cubby so the two to go would supplement my cubby food.

We took off on highway 93 for a short 2 miles then turned onto Highway 3 which was the road we rode for the majority of the day.  At the start the traffic was fairly heavy but after 9 miles we had very little traffic.  This is also the point where we started riding along Lake Koocanusa which was somewhere around 48 miles long.  After about 10 miles we crossed the lake on the Lake Koocanusa bridge.


When we started across the bridge the head wind we had been fighting became a side wind.


The wind was blowing so hard that the bridge hummed.   While we were trying to ride across we met a truck hauling trees.  As we passed the truck the wind was blocked which almost sucked us into the truck.  Once the track passed and wind returned and the gravel on the bridge gave us a sand blasting.  We hung on tight and survived.

Once across the bridge we turned directly into the wind again  which almost stopped us dead in our tracks.  We regrouped and continued our ride along the lake.  Now we were on highway 228.  Although we had the wind to contend with we missed one thing, no traffic.  When I say no traffic I mean for the next 38 miles we met less than a dozen cars.  We didn’t complain.

We had one rest stop along this road also, as you can see.


Here I ate my first of two breakfast sandwiches and the  second one at our last rest stop.  Both tasted as good as the first ones in the convenience store.  Maybe it was that I was just that hungry.

We finally made it to the end of the lake and we stopped at the Libby Dam for a photo opt.

Then we crossed over Highway 3 and got on Old Haul Road.  It got this name because it was used to haul timber when timber was king in this area.

Here the lake turned back to the Koocanusa ridge, which we followed all the way into Libby.


We arrived at the Faith Bible Church where we will be spending the night.  The members of the church were gracious enough to also provide us a great dinner and fellowhip.

It was a great day.

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