Tonasket to Winthrop 71 miles


I had another advantage over some of my team members by staying at the hotel last night.  Some of the team got a rude awaking this morning when the lawn sprinklers came on around 5:00 a.m. this morning and soaked them.  Some of the team did not put the rain fly on their tent so everything got wet.  Some were saved from the worst of the spray by putting large rocks in from the water heads and diverted the worst of the spray.

Most of us when to Shannon’s Café for a hearty breakfast in preparation of another long ride with some major climbs.  It was amazing how much food was prepared and served to all of the riders.  Once again it was done with a smile and true professionalism.

During the first 7 miles of the ride the riders at the back, like me were warned about some dogs on the road.  I was fortunate and not affected by any dogs.

The first climbs were fairly high but the grade was more gradual compared to the end the last few climbs which had steeper grades and longer climbs.  I was watching the grade on my Garmin and had his mind focused on the main road so we missed a turn off.  By the time I got a message on my Garmin we were over a mile past the turn.  When we checked google map we found we could just continue on the road we were on and get into the  Omak Visitor’s center quicker.  Missed turn 2 mile benefit.

After the rest we started out and Ed decided he needed a drink of water from a small water hose.

Update 72519

Then the real climb of the day began.  We past a machine that could have made the climb easier but after cutting off 2 miles we thought this might be a stretch.


Climb, climb, climb to the stop of Loup Loup pass.  It wasn’t that long or that hard but it was still classified a pass.


We made it to a RV Park camp in Winthrop.  We got to pay $1 for a 2 minute shower, but they were new and very clean.  Towels were also provided. On top of that they had a nice laundry mat.

From the park to the downtown and restaurant we had to take a hidden stairway down to a hotel and the main street.

Food was great with large portions again.  We finished off the meal with pie al a mode.


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