Winthrop to Diablo Lake 67 miles


We had breakfast once again where we ate last night.   We knew once again that we had climbs ahead and we would need the energy.  We also knew we would be camping at a site that had no facilities.  This would be an emergency dehydrated food dinner that I had planned on before packing for the ride.  I didn’t know the exact location just that we would have such a site along the ride.

The climb was long and  fairly steep.

I completed the pass climb on Washington Pass ahead of my normal riders so all I have to show for it is a picture of my bike.


One of today’s rest stop was on top of Rainy Pass.  This stop had a great view of the mountain range we had just conquered. Views like this makes the climbing worth while.


After the climbs comes the must appreciated down hills slopes.


This is one of the most primitive campsites to date.  The showers were replaced with a dip in the lake.  This I chose to skip.

My dinner of dehydrated food was acceptable and helped me through the night.

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