Hallettsville to Seguin 69 miles


After breakfast at the hotel we took off around 7:30 a.m.

Our rest stops today included Shiner, Gonzales, Belmont and finishing at Seguin.

On our way to Shiner, I thought it was interesting how many references I saw to the University of Texas and since that is where Brandon graduated I had to stop and take a picture of one ranch gate.  It was called Bivo Bills in the Texas colors.  I can only assume he must have went to UT.


Shiner, the true tourist trap on ALT 90 highway, was an interesting stop.  We had to go to the brewery and look around.  They weren’t open for tours so we settled on pictures.

IMG_1074To offset this stop we were really interested in the beautiful Catholic Church.  It was built in 1891.

After a quick snack we were back on the road to Gonzales where we stopped for lunch of bar-b-que (what else could we have had).  The lunch was great but the advice we received by one of other customer turned out to be the best warning we could have received (watch out for the chicken trucks and check the wind before they get to us)

A number of miles down the road and before Belmont we found out what she was talking about.  We didn’t know in time that it was a chicken truck to head her advice, but as the truck passed us we smelled the most foul smell.  Worst than any road kill I have ever passed, even a skunk. And with the smell came feathers.  I guess that was just a bonus.  The smell lingered for a good half mile.  I guess the chicken trucks took mercy on us since that was the only one that passed us.

Belmont gave us a quick stop to get ice cream then back on the road to Seguin.

Seguin worried us greatly because all the routes Michael could find would put us in heavy traffic.  But luck was on our side and the cut off road Michael found took us north of the heavy traffic area on highway 123.  We were also able to ride on a good sidewalk in the heaviest traffic area and once the sidewalk ended the traffic became light.  This good luck held all the way to our hotel for the night.

Now I am ready to catch up on some much needed sleep.

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