Day 2 58 Miles from Sealy to La Grange

April 23, 2020 Sealy TX to LaGrange TX  58 Miles

This ride would have been an interesting ride.  It would have started in Sealy Tx which is right on Interstate 10 just west of Houston.

We would have headed 14 miles north out of Sealy headed toward Bellville Tx  and we would have been on country roads with a fair amount of traffic.

Once in Bellville we would really be on county highways to the small town of Fayetteville.  The last time I road through Fayetteville I was riding in the MS150 bike ride from Houston to Austin.

After leaving Fayetteville we would stay on the country road to La Grange for night in a Best Western Hotel.

But in the Virtual I road south from my house so 11 miles to Manville Tx and then made a big 44 mile loop.  The first 20 miles were basically in the southerly direction which was great because I had a 15 – 18 mph tail wind, which I would pay for dearly.

Once I turned north which put me directly into this headwind I was lucky to make 11 mph on this rural route. There are not many trees to block the wind and there wasn’t any farmers moving equipment on the road for my ride behind.  The crop that was planted was rice which had just broken the ground so once again, no wind break.

Once I made it back to my house I stopped with 3 more miles to ride.  I was shot and very hungry.  Kye had a great salad ready which gave me the strength to make the final 3 miles.




2 thoughts on “Day 2 58 Miles from Sealy to La Grange

  1. Tony Barranco April 26, 2020 / 8:36 am

    Good morning Dave. I wish I had half your determination and stamina. I had been just wondering about you and figured that the ride you had planned probably was not going to happen. I am enjoying your daily blog. I’m riding virtually right along with you. Be careful out there and keep the rubber side down.


    • dth2017 April 27, 2020 / 7:20 pm

      Well I hope we can ride together again some time. Maybe we’ll need to do the Ride the Rockies again.


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