Day 3 LaGrange to Austin 84 miles

This ride would follow part of the Southern Tier route which I rode in the fall of 2018.

Today’s actual route would leave LaGrange and take highway 71 which is a four lane divided highway that has a great wide shoulder.  I rode on it when I rode on the BP MS150 from Houston to Austin.  I would have stayed on highway 71 until reaching Smithville.

At Smithville we would be back on a small country highway to big city of Rosanky which has not businesses within the city limits.  The one and only business it at the intersection of two highways and it is a convenience store where we would stop for a rest stop.

Then the next and only town we come to before getting into Austin is Cedar Creek.  Once leaving Cedar Creek you would start felling Austin’s presence.  The traffic increases and the roads become wider.  We ride past the Circuit of Americas which is 3.427 mile motor racing facility where the BP MS150 finished the last couple of years.

Then on past Austin –Bergstrom International Airport where we hit a major road called Burleson Road.  While riding on the road we hit one of many bike trails within the Austin area.  We would take this trail down to the south side of Lady Bird Lake and follow this trial west until it intersects Lamar Blvd.  There is a bike shop in the area where I will meet Kye load my bike on the car and go to my son Brandon and his wife Ginny’s house for the night.

So my training ride took me from my house to Brazos Bend State park which is very convent since it is 40 miles from my house.  Overall the ride was not bad.  I rode south from about 20 miles and I had to fight the southerly wind the whole way.  Then I turn ride and headed west so the wind was now coming from the side.  That was not a problem.

When I got the to the park I asked the ranger at the entrance if he would allowed me to set at one the picnic tables close to the entrance which he did.  I took out some of my snacks and water and relaxed.

When I got ready to leave I called Kye since she was going to meet me and bring me lunch.  That was very nice of her because I didn’t want to try to buy anything at one of the convenience stores along the way.  We wanted to be safe.

The ride home was pretty easy since the wind was at my side or my back all the way.  Once I got to my subdivision I had to make a couple of laps to make the 84 miles.

One thought on “Day 3 LaGrange to Austin 84 miles

  1. Maxine Wray April 25, 2020 / 3:26 pm

    Good for both of you! Love following you on your posts brings a smile that lingers and mixes with a prayer for two very special people! Keep it up, David.


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