Day 4 Austin to Johnson City TX Miles

Day 4 Austin to Johnson City TX 52 Miles

Today’s ride would have been on the Southern Tier 100 % of the time.  The hardest, not toughest, part would have been finding all the twist and turns on the bike paths in Austin.  Of course as you would expect the first part was uphill since I would be starting on Lady Bird Lake.  The ride is interesting in that I would have been riding through some very nice residential areas.  Some of the areas are on city streets but for the most part they were low traffic area until coming on to Highway 290.

At this point I would be on country road called Fitzhugh Road.  I would stay on this road until it became Pedernales Falls Road as you probably guessed in going thru Pedernales Falls State Park. Then the road becomes Ranch Road 2766 and I would stay on the road all the way to Johnson City.

I thought about this ride a lot today.  This is a real enjoyable and beautiful ride, unlike the virtual route I took in my home area.   Today was warm and had a strong north wind.  This is beginning to sound like a broken record.  I will need to explore new routes.

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