Day 5 Johnson City to Llano TX 75 miles

Day 5 Johnson City TX to Llano TX 75 Miles

This will be the last day I will follow the Southern Tier route.   Once I get to Fredericksburg I will turn right (north) and an all new route.

To get to this point I will leave Johnson City going north on Highway 281 for 6.5 miles where we will turn left on FM 1320.  This is a very rural road and we go thru on town (but name only) which is Sandy Tx.  We will have to watch for road signs to make sure we are on route.  From FM 1320 we change to FM1320 then to FM 2721 then finally FM 1631 which takes us into Fredericksburg.  For the non-Texans FM stands for Farm to Market roads.

The plan for this days ride is to get up early enough to get into Fredericksburg in time to go church.  The last I checked the service would begin at 11:00 a.m.  This will have to be verified by calling the church directly.

After church the route is a straight shot north on highway16 into Llano and our stopping place for the day.

Part of today’s virtual 75 mile ride was on some new local roads for me.  It was fun to explore but when do so I tends to slow you down because you don’t want to get lost.  That was not a problem and I got back home after a 42 mile ride to a nice lunch Kye had prepared.

After lunch we had to decide how to get in the last 33 miles.  The subdivision we live in has a 3 mile loop which makes for an easy but boring ride.  As you probably guessed I made 11 loops which although boring I was able to take as many rest stops as I wanted.  Day 5 is complete.

2 thoughts on “Day 5 Johnson City to Llano TX 75 miles

  1. Karla Zielke April 27, 2020 / 2:25 pm

    I am enjoying your daily notes. It’s nice to pretend to be back in a functioning society! You are lucky the loop around your neighborhood is 3 miles. I am at my parent’s house which is off a very busy, narrow curvy road. Their street is only 1/4 mile long so I get to do 1/2 mile loops down the cul de sac and back. There is about an 8 foot climb in elevation halfway through so I call it hill repeats. There is excitement when the neighbors are gathered in the circle for their social distancing happy hour.


  2. dth2017 April 27, 2020 / 6:02 pm

    I am fortunate. I did a 92 mile ride today on the local highways. Kye was my moving rest stop. I see there maybe a MS ride this fall. I hope we can all start riding together soon.


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