Day 9 Breckenridge to Seymour TX 68 Miles

We will start from Breckenridge by continuing north on US 183 for 21 miles to Woodson.  If there isn’t anything available for a rest stop we will continue on US183 until we intersect with US283 and go into Throckmorton since the total distance ridden would be 37 miles.     There are definitely a number of places there to stop.  We could get out our plane (yea right) and fly there since Throckmorton has a airport.

We will leave on US 183 toward Seymour for 31 miles.  This is a short day and we may get there early.  We will be staying at the HH Creek Inn which as the Chuck Wagon Café attached to the same building.  The Inn have only 10 to 12 rooms.

This is our last night in Texas so staying at a historical type of Inn is going to be nice.

The training ride was different.  I started out with a 21 miles ride in our subdivision before lunch and then out on the road for the last 47 miles.  Most of these miles were on new roads which added to the enjoyment.

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