Day 15 Greensburg to Kinsley KS 30 Miles

Today is shortest riding day of the trip.  I did this on purpose.  First I was very concerned about yesterday’s ride.  Second I didn’t want to have a 90 miles day today.

I also knew I would be tired once I got in yesterday and I wanted to have enough time to check out Greensburg’s claim to fame which is the “Big Well Museum and Visitor Information Center.  How else can you explain at town of 777 people having two hotels?

This well was hand dug in 1888 and is 109 deep and 32 feet in diameter.  Now that is a hole in the ground.

Today’s ride would have been nice in that the temperature in the afternoon was in the 60 and had a slight 5 mph NE wind.  What a great ride.  We would have been able to leave after lunch and still get to Kinsley in time to check out the center of New York City and San Francisco Ca. sign which indicates it is 1561 Miles to each town.

I have ridden to San Francisco CA before when I  made my first ride across the US on the Traans AM route with Bike the US for MS in 2017.  We didn’t go through Kinsley at that time.

Today’s ride was nice with a temperature of 85 Degree and an unheard to Humidity level of 26%.  I really thought I was in Kansas.

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