Day 16 Kinsley to Hays KS 69 miles

We start out of Kinsley on US 56 and 183 for 8 miles then US 183 splits from 56.  We will take US 183 the rest of the way to Hays.   We come to a small town of Rush Center where it intersects with Kansas Highway 96.  We will continue on for another 4 miles where we will reach La Crosse.  Here we will take our one and only rest stop of the day.

There is another small town, Liebenthal, but it doesn’t have any services either.

About 5 miles south of Hays we will crest a hill and it is all downhill the rest of the way to Hays.

Why is this of note?  The last time I rode a bike on this road I hit just over 100 mph with the aid of 20 mph tail wind.  No it wasn’t on a bicycle.  I was on my Honda 350 motorcycle and the year 1973.   This was the first time I ever hit 100 mph on 2 wheels and the motorcycle was so light it felt like I was floating.

If I was actually riding the hill today I would have had another 20 mph tail wind and I would have enjoyed the ride just the same.

If I had actually ridden into Hays today we would headed to Precision Valley Golf and Bike shop.  I know what a mixture.  I have met the people here and they told me I would need to call a couple of days ahead to time so they could make sure the bike mechanic would be available.

One more day to go.

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