4/21/2021 First day of riding. From Home to Sealy Texas 90 Miles

The day started out cold. It was 48 degrees when I rolled out to start the ride. We were surprised how many people were shocked that we were starting the adventure from our own drive way.

I took off at 7:30 a.m. with a full sleeved shirt under my jersey and full leg warming leggings.  I also had on my rain jacket and not because it was raining but for warmth.  I kept all these clothes on all day.

Not only was the day cold but there was a strong wind out of the north and of course most of the day was either into the north or northwest.

It didn’t take me long to determine I had not trained enough.  Oh well I will just have to ride myself into shape. I has one major pass to climb but it wasn’t a mountain pass just an overpass and it was not major.

Kye was amazing right off the start.  She passed me about 8 miles out of the first rest stop.  Then she basically led me all day.  She would stop and wait for me at each major corner and had plenty of supplies to feed me and keep me hydrated.  I am truly blessed to have Kye there all the way.

Once we got to camp at the Stephen F Austin State Park the wind died down and it started to warm up.  As I am writing this the temperature is 68 degrees and wind has completely died, I hope this holds.   

The park is under major repair so there wasn’t a shower and only port-a-potties  for our use. At least these were fairly close to our campsite, but not to close.

During the night we heard a lot of coyotes signing and that woke us up.

One thought on “4/21/2021 First day of riding. From Home to Sealy Texas 90 Miles

  1. Ruth Jones April 24, 2021 / 4:23 pm

    WE camped out in that park, many times, also playe goif on that course


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