4/23/21 Fayette Park to Austin Texas. 84 Miles

We had breakfast at the Whataburger in La Grange.  While we were getting the bike ready for the day the young manager came out and talked to us about the ride and gave me donation.  That was very generous.

I felt a lot better today.  The weather started out warm with a light rain and a light wind.  The day started out by riding on the wide shoulder along the 4 lane highway # 71 from La Grande to Smithville.  There was a lot of traffic but since the shoulder was wide and a great rumble strip I felt safe.

Then I moved to back highways with no shoulders or rumble strips.  Again I felt good because the traffic was very light.  

All was going well until about 25 miles outside of Austin when the ride ended for the day.  My front tire went flat very fast.  On top of that the clouds opened up with a heavy rain.  I knew I had hit something big, which I later found out was a piece of metal.

I gave the greatest sag wagon driver around ( Kye Sook) a call to come get me.  We loaded my bike on my car and headed to the bike shop in downtown Austin.  There I got a new tire and tube so I hope that will allow me to make another full day of riding tomorrow.

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