4/24/21 Austin to Johnson City Tx. 55 miles

Day off.  No riding.

We had navigation issues today. The address I had for the major rest area was correct but the GPS in my car took us completely to the other side of Austin. Once we got turned around we had wasted the whole morning.

We needed to get into Johnson City by early afternoon so we could drive the route of tomorrow’s ride. It will be taking us along a number of back country Farm to Market  (FM)roads with a lot of twist and turns and a lot of intersections with other small FM roads. This route would have been very difficult for Kye  to travel and it would have been difficult for me even though I had ridden the route from west to east when I did the Southern Tier in 2018.

With these precautions in place we should have a successful ride to Llano tomorrow.

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