4/28/21 Brownwood to Breckenridge 77 miles

At the start of today’s ride we cross a bridge and I saw a small castle where a person could get lost.  I don’t remember all the specs Ed quoted but it was massive.

This was a day of rain, rain and then rain, but to top it off I had another flat tire. This time it was the back tire and once again the rain had me load the bike up for the day.

Once at the hotel I replace the tube with a new tube. All was going great until I tried to put the wheel back on the bike. It turned out two pieces came apart and I couldn’t get it back together.  Thanks to cell phones Kye found a bike shop in Abilene TX some 59 miles from Breckenridge.

The bike shop was called Biketown and had a mechanic set to repairing my bike.  He looked at the bike and the parts and asked me for a missing cap which I had.  He put it together with another part.  With everything accounted for he had my bike back together in short order.

The owner Jim MacDonald would not hear about taking any money for the service.  He wanted to know about the ride and about my other rides with Bike the US for MS.

I would recommend this shop beyond another one.  Not only are they very skilled but they are also a very well stocked shop.  You couldn’t go wrong doing business with this bike shop.

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