4/29/2021 Breckenridge to Seymour 68 miles

We got a late start today due to the early morning rain.  We went down to McDonald’s to get our breakfast and went back to the hotel to eat and wait out the rain.

Once we got an all clear we took off.  Since my Garmin isn’t working correctly and only showing commands and output in a foreign language Kye is stopping every 10 miles to keep me informed of our progress.  This worked well also because we had a strong north wind to ride against most of the way.

We got to Woodson and stopped at the Woodson Inn for lunch.  They had a great buffet.  Michele the owner of the Inn gave us our lunch for free after hearing the story of our ride.   We are going to take the amount of the lunch and donate it to MS.

We continued on highway 183 which runs north by northwest.  The wind was a cross wind so progress was manageable but when we intersected with highway 283 we were going straight north and directly into the wind.  Progress was slow and very hard all the way to Seymour, our destination for the night.

Tonight I am very tired.  We are staying Glen and Myra’s Lodge and R.V. Mark.  It is nicely designed and the owners are great people.

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