4/30/21 Seymour TX to Altus OK 79 Miles

We stopped for breakfast at the same road side café that we ate at last night, the Rock Inn Café.  The breakfast is just what was needed for today’s ride.

Kye and I had driven this route 2 years earlier so we knew somewhat what we would see but we were going from north to south and in a car.  We forgot there wasn’t anything between Seymour and Vernon Tx.  

Once we made it to Vernon we found the same good restaurant we stopped at 2 years earlier.  Of course we were tired so we took our time with lunch.  We ate so slow that we were on the verge of being asked to leave so they could close at 1:00 p.m. not really just kidding.

After leaving Vernon we had only one goal in mind, reach the Red River and finally get out of Texas.  It took us 10 days to accomplish this task.

Goodbye Texas even though the pictures say “Welcome to Texas”

Goodbye Red River.

Then we finally reached Oklahoma.

At the start of Highway 283 there wasn’t any shoulder and I was a little concerned but after about 2 miles Oklahoma got with the act and added the same wide shoulder Texas had.

We got to Altus and found they were having an antique car show around down town so the traffic was very heavy.  To avoid being ran over I put my bike to the car to the last 3 miles.  The only real reason for this is so I could get a better look at all the old cars.

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