5/03/21 Woodward OK Rest Day. Kind of.

I started getting a little concerned about tomorrow’s 87 mile.  Yesterday I thought I might need to break that ride up and when we got up this morning after a wet rainy night and a strong wind out of the north my worst fears were confirmed.

I decided the first leg of the 87 which continued on highway 34 for 30 miles would be a good distance for today’s run.  So off we went straight into a 20 mph head wind.  Of course Kye was on her regular schedule of 10 mile stops.  Once I made the first 10 miles I was hurting.  Not only was the wind hard there were some hills to handle also.

One nice thing about having your own personal sage wagon is you don’t have to keep riding into the wind, you can just load up and go to the end of your 30 miles and ride with the wind.  Cheating?  Go tell someone else.

Along the 20 mile ride with the wind I came upon a picture opportunity which shows that past as well present advancements.

We made it back to camp in time to still get in a nice afternoon nap. So we’ll be ready for the other 57 miles tomorrow.

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