5/04/21 Woodward Ok to Greensburg KS 57 miles

Only 57 miles. Right.

Last night I tried to get to sleep early but who was kidding whom?  The wind was blowing so hard it drowned out everything else including the train from last night that sounded like it was coming right into our tent.

The weather station told me the wind was blowing at 24 MPH but it sounded like a jet was flying over.   The strange part was we were camped in a valley and our tent walls were barely moving.  We survived the night.

Here is Kye breaking camp.

Even though today was only 57 miles there was still the wind to contend with.

Once we made it Greensburg KS we had to go exploring.  This town was completely wiped out back in 2007 by a Tornado.  Just about the only thing that survived was the 109 foot deep hand dug water well for the 1800s.  The building over the well was gone but the town has rebuilt without carbon emissions.

Great success story.

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