5/05/21 Greensburg Ks to Kinsley KS 30 miles

I opted out of riding on highway 183 to Kinsley for back country paved roads.    I had to go east on highway 400 to go north on the county roads.  They were fairly smooth with little to no traffic.  

I hit highway 50 at Lewis turn left headed to Kinsley when the rain started to fall.  At first it was heavy  but soon became a drizzle which continued until I reached Kinsley and the first café for lunch.

After lunch we went to the local RV park which is also the local laundry mat.  We took the opportunity to go to the historical museum which also had a sod house inside it.

Kinsley is also half way between  New York City and San Francisco Ca.

We then checked into a small privately own cottage for the night.

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