5/07/21 Hays to Logan 70 miles LAST DAY

Someone was looking after us on our last day.  The wind was to our back at 15 to 18 MPH.  What a blessing.  We just flew the first 55 miles to the big town of Glade, Kansas.  I did take the opportunity to stop in Stockton to go walk on their football filed.  It brought back great high school memories because it was the last football game I ever played.  We won the game in the last seconds which complete our undefeated season.

We stopped in Glade for lunch. This café is one of the only few businesses in the town of 30 people.  I would say over 2/3rds of the population was in that café.

After lunch I headed west on Kansas Highway 9. This made the wind come as a cross wind.  My progress was slowed but I enjoyed this 15 mile ride because the first time I rode my bike on this road I was 15 years old.

Just before reach Logan I passed a former high school classmate’s old house and I found him working in his garden.  We had a short conversation before finishing the trip at the front of Logan’s high school.

We then stopped at an old neighbor’s house for a planning session then off to the hotel for some rest.

This completes the major part of this journey.  I will make future post as I make some more short rides.

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