5/10/21 The trip continues but not all of it on the bike

Today is Monday and we are headed to Nebraska to visit my family around the Kennesaw NE area.

I did ride from Minden NE to the farm of my cousin Craig Nienhueser which is just east of Kennesaw.  The  weather was cold but the wind was not strong.  I rode on a back highway to Holsten.  There I looked for Kye but with no luck.  I saw and gentleman from Holsten and asked where the Methodist church was since that is where I was to meet up with Kye.    

He gave me direction and asked if I was looking to a lady that was waving a flag. I  I said I was and that lady was my wife. 

After a short rest I took off straight north on a paved country road to Highway 6.  Then going east on Highway 6 for one mile I turned left on a gravel road.  My first gravel road ride but it was only for 1 ½ mile to my cousins farm house.  The gravel was a challenge but I was happy to get to ride on it.

The visit was very nice since I have a lot of relation in the area so we visited a number of cemeteries to pay our respects to my family.

There are also a lot of historical markers in this area since both the Oregon trail and the Pony Express crossed my cousin’s land in a number of places. 

There are a lot of stories of pioneers trials and tribulations.  This shows the tough bread of people and crossed the area and also settled the plains.

It was great catching up with my relatives since it may be last time I get to see them.

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