5/13/21 The trip continues north to South Dakota

I have never ridden my bike in South Dakota and since we are so close I wanted to take this opportunity to make the ride.   One of my overall goals is to ride my bicycle in all 50 states so this was a must.

We left Craig and his family around 7:30 a.m. since we could drive to Winner SD and then ride by bike to Platte SD.

We stopped at the State Crossing sign to make it official.

When we were driving through the construction on the main highway through Winner, Kye spotted a dinner sign so that solved our lunch place.  A number of the customers were interested in what we were doing and wished us well.

The ride had a number of hills to climb but nothing terribly hard until we got close to Lake Francis Case on the Missouri river.  Those climbs got my attention and required some rest. 

At the lake there was a sign that explained what going on and we stopped for a picture of the bridge.

Once I got past the lake climbs the road leveled out but there was a little head wind just to get my attention.  When we got to our hotel in Platte there was a welcoming committee of sorts.  They were fishermen and they weren’t there to welcome us but rather to fish for Walleye.  They started biting three days earlier so all the fishermen in the area were there to get their fill.  That explained all the boats on the lake as well as on the road.

This completes my bicycle riding for this trip.  Now is it is just driving to Kansas City to meet some friends from when we lived in the KC area and are now our financial advisers that make these trips possible.

I can’t wait to the next journey no matter where it takes us.  Thanks for following our latest adventure. 

One thought on “5/13/21 The trip continues north to South Dakota

  1. Charles Philipp June 7, 2021 / 3:12 pm

    Glad your biking trip went well and that you and Kye have been able to visit friends and family along the way. We look forward to seeing you back home!


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