August 10 Rest Day

Today was our first rest day and we are in Astoria Or. Today will be all walking since most rest days we don’t ride our bikes unless we need to take it to a bike shop.

We slept in until a little after 7am then we started the day by having breakfast at Coffee Girl Cafe. The Cafe is located in Pier 39 which was formally the Columbia River Canners Co and part of Royal Chinok Salmon Co. The danishes were great.

We then walked along the river back toward town and listened to the walruses out on an island as well as checked out the ships on the river.

Then a visit to the local bike shop. It was small but packed with used bikes. There were 6 people waiting for them to open. They were very busy yet they fixed Ed’s small front sprocket with a board and a hammer.  Hopefully this will fix his shifting problem.

The rest of the day was exploring the town and repacking our gear.

One of the riders is a chef and he prepared a feast for everyone.

Back on the road tomorrow.

One thought on “August 10 Rest Day

  1. Vicki Talley August 11, 2022 / 8:38 am

    Prayers for continued safe travels and fun!


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