August 9th

Today was an interesting and difficult day.  We road 74 miles from Castle Rock to Astoria, Oregon.

After stopping at a danish shop that is privately owned by Erin Dewery we hit the road.  The first 20 miles were fairly easy.  Then we got on a two lane narrow road with heavy traffic and numerous hard climbs.

We rode to the Columbia River where we took a ferry across the river to Oregon . 

Then the fun began.  We had a major climb which when briefed prior to the ride we were told most of us would have to walk some of it. Well the challenge was on.  Even though we were hurting we never stopped nor did we take even one step.  Even old people can still rise to a challenge.

Once we got close to Astoria, Oregon the traffic really picked up so we had to be extra careful.

To top the ride off, we had to ride up a very steep street to the church we will be staying at for two night.  I had to standup on my pedals and push hard but I made it.

May the rest begin.

One thought on “August 9th

  1. Bunnie Philipp August 10, 2022 / 11:17 am

    You are a real trooper!
    Hope you can rest for the next ride. Charlie and I did that trip in a car. Beautiful scenery!


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