August 17 Crescent City to Redwood National Park

Today the ride took on great beauty once we got off the busy highway 101 and into Redwood National Park.  We rode for miles in the towering Redwood Giants.  They are absolutely beautiful.  We did stop long enough to take pictures inside one burned out tree.

Riding through these trees was thrilling.  They just kept coming.

Once we got camp setup, Ed and I took a separate ride down a camp road to Elk Meadows. The road was dirt and rock.  In some places where the camp road had been repaired we had to walk or take a chance of a bad fall.

Once we got to the meadows we didn’t find any elk but on the paved road back to camp we did see one in the backyard of a camp house.

When we got back we had the camp food we bought then onto a presentation given by one of the Forest Rangers.  She was extremely knowledgeable. Here are some of the pictures of things she pointed out.

2 thoughts on “August 17 Crescent City to Redwood National Park

  1. drifternthedark September 2, 2022 / 6:56 pm

    Man is so tiny, nature so great! So glad you get to experience this! Jealous actually. 😂😂😂


  2. drifternthedark September 2, 2022 / 7:05 pm

    There’s so much going on with these pictures! The mightiness of trees, but the whiteness of the trunk bases makes me think there’s a symbiotic fungal relationship going on there to provide
    Minerals, but also provide structural integrity to these great beast of the plant kingdom!


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