Coos Bay to Humbug Mtn State park August 15

First a correction I stated we end in Coso Bay, Pennsylvania when it was actually Coos Bay, Oregon. That is what happens when I get tired.

We started today at McDonald’s then a beautiful ride on a back country road with some hills but nothing bad.  Our first rest stop was right after a blind curve which surprised all the riders.

We saw a couple of our riders in Bandon, Oregon eating at Tony’s oyster bar so we joined them. I had the oyster sea food chowder.

We then rode right along the coast for several miles.

We saw a lot of these Tsunami signs. No worries about hurricanes here. The last town before camp we had to pick up food for dinner and breakfast because we are camping and there isn’t any food service. It makes it interesting.

One thought on “Coos Bay to Humbug Mtn State park August 15

  1. drifternthedark September 2, 2022 / 7:07 pm

    Such great sights!


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